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Trimtex is the world's leading supplier of competition clothing for orienteering. We can deliver in a special design for your team, club or company! We have a wide range of products. We continuously develop and improve our competition clothing in collaboration with elite athletes, national teams and clubs, where durability and comfort are important aspects of the development. Trimtex has models with both a tight fit and a looser fit. We have models for everyone.

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Clean grit product
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  1. Trainer 2.0 Pants TX Women
  2. Trainer 2.0 Pants TX Jr
  3. Trainer 2.0 Pants TX Men
  4. Performance 2.0 Jacket Women
  5. Trainer 2.0 Vest Women
  6. Trainer 2.0 Pants Women
  7. Trainer 2.0 Jacket Women
  8. Performance 2.0 Jacket Men
  9. Advance 2.0 Vest Women
  10. Trainer 2.0 Vest Men
  11. Trainer 2.0 Jacket Men
  12. Trainer 2.0 Pants Jr
  13. Trainer 2.0 Jacket Jr
  14. Trainer 2.0 Pants Men
  15. Advance 2.0 Vest Men
  16. Storm Bag 50L

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