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Get ready for running during autumn and winter.
Element Collection
Element Collection

A jog in fresh winter weather can be invigorating and give you a much-needed energy boost. It's all about looking at the weather and conditions as a challenge, not an obstacle. You already know this if running is an activity you turn to during the colder seasons. You've experienced that there is no reason to let bad weather stop you from a refreshing run. Running on snow and ice in low temperatures can be amazing, but the right clothing is crucial for a comfortable experience. It's all about dressing according to the three-layer principle and having an outer layer that protects you well against all kinds of weather.

The Element collection is made for everyone who enjoys running during the winter but also for those who need versatile training clothes for different outdoor activities all year round.

Element Jacket and Pants

Versatile jacket and pants designed to protect you against the elements all year round.

Element 2.0 Jacket

Our most versatile training jacket can be worn all year, during all kinds of activities. That includes running and other sports.

This jacket has a durable material, great breathing abilities, and great flexibility on the shoulders. The jacket has strong wind and water-repellent abilities, and it keeps you dry. It has ventilating panels on the back and under the arms. The jacket has a narrow fit and its reflective details make you visible in the dark.

Element 2.0 Pants

Slim and fitted training pants for running and other outdoor activities. They have light, elastic materials with wind and water-repelling abilities. The back of the running trousers comes in an elastic and breathable material which means that the trousers naturally follow the training movement, even the biggest ones. A mesh lining on the thighs and ventilation under the knees provides great ventilation during high-intensity activities.

Element Tights

Elastic and durable

Lined winter tights for cold days and evenings. The soft and comfortable brushed inside ensures great comfort and isolation. The tights have durable, comfortable, and elastic materials that ensure great fit and motion range. There are large reflective panels on the sides of the calf and in the seam above the knees.