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The products in the Run collection are very flexible and follow your movement at any running speed. These technical clothes are made from light, comfortable, breathing, and quick-drying materials.
Run Collection
Run Collection

What characterizes a good run for you? Is it the experience of being surrounded by nature? The training community with friends? Or maybe it's the sensation of being in good shape, and being in control of your body and breath? You notice progress, and the feeling of mastering makes you both happy and proud. It flows, and even at the fastest pace you feel stronger and stronger as the weeks pass by.

The Run collection is developed both for everyone who would describe themselves as an enthusiastic and passionate runner, and for every curious and motivated beginner in running as a form of exercise. No matter the pace and your ambitions, running is an activity that will bring both physical and mental benefits. It doesn't matter if you're running inside or outside, if you are following a trail, a track, or a country road. The right equipment and clothing will enhance your running experience and your achievements. With that in mind, the Run collection was developed. It consists of t-shirts, singlets, tights in various lengths, running shirts, and socks.
The products are also suitable for other forms of exercise, like circle training, studio workouts, handball, football, CrossFit, spinning, and more.

Run Tops

Run T-Shirt SS

A technical t-shirt for great running experiences. This bestseller is comfortable and functional, and the t-shirt has ventilating panels on the back and under the arms. It's suitable for running and other types of exercise. You will also find a Run Ecogreen version that is made from 100 % reclaimed polyester and a Re:mind version that is made from expired materials.

Run Singlet

A superb running singlet for extra warm days and long workout sessions. The singlet is light and comfortable to wear, and the light material provides great breathing and moisture transportation. It also has ventilating panels on the side for extra breathing.

Run Zipp Shirt

A technical, light, and comfortable long-sleeved jersey for running on cold days. Combine it with one of our running vests or use it as a middle layer over a short-sleeved shirt. It's also great before and after workouts. This jersey has a slim fit and is very comfortable to wear. The technical material breathes and ventilates well, and the ventilating panels in sweat zones transport moisture away from the body. A short zip in the front provides even more ventilation.

Run Tights

Long & short tights

Technical and elastic running tights for indoor or outdoor use. The tights — available in various lengths — have a good ergonomic fit and are made from an elastic material with a four-way stretch, which allows the tights to follow your movements. The fabric dries quickly and has great ventilation. Run Short Tights are suitable for high-intensity training, competitions, and when running on warm days.

Run Meryl Socks

Unrivalled comfort

Technical running socks designed for extreme comfort during training and competitions. These socks have a good fit, are quick to dry, and have good moisture transportation.

A man skiing in his custom made Ambition Racesuit from Trimtex
productphoto showing the front and back of the Ambition racesuit from Trimtex

Ambition Racesuit

The Ambition Race suit is a good and affordable unisex suit. The ski suit is made of Lycra, which is a quick-drying, breathable and stretchy fabric that provides freedom of movement and comfort. The suit is fitted and sits snugly and comfortably on your skin.

This is a classic ski suit with a zip at the front and is easy to put on. The Ambition Race suit is suitable for both training and competitions, and for both longer and shorter skiing sessions.