Collection: The new Insane series

Our first ever race suit available in fully individual custom design for one.

Simply because it’s insane.

World records, Olympic gold, and World champion titles. The Insane suit was created with a high focus on performance. It’s all about the small details that can make a huge difference on race day.

The fastest race suit ever
“From intensive testing we have done in field, velodrome and wind tunnel, we have seen improvements of 3.5% on average and above 8% peak under specific conditions for Kristian in the Insane Speedsuit.” Olav Alexander Bu, Sport Scientist & Olympic Coach

This is based conditions very similar to Kona with speeds of 40-44km/h and a combination of different wind directions (yaw angles).

The lightest on the market
The Insane series are pioneering and are the lightest weight suits on market. The suits have state-of-the-art fabric made of a lightweight woven elastane
polyester blend to give the lowest possible weight while keeping maximum recovery and stability.

Proven aerodynamic performance
Ground-breaking aerodynamic performance. Structured fabrics and turbulators were added to the sleeves and shoulders for documented and enhanced aerodynamic performance.

Documented thermoregulating performance
Revolutionary cooling performance compared to competitor suits and technology. The research and development performed against the Tokyo Olympics resulted in suit technology that gives the lowest skin temperature and the highest heat flux values recorded, indicating the Insane suit gave the best heat dissipation performance in Tokyo.  

In other words, simply insane and the fastest race suit ever.

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